Thursday, May 4, 2017

Children's Book Week (part 2)

Our school had a wonderful time celebrating Children's Book Week this week! In addition to dressing up each day, we enjoyed some very special activities.

Students are beginning to explore fiction writing. In writing workshop, partners were given a set of five words with which they had to write a creative story. It was so interesting to hear the different ways each pair told a unique story using the same group of words! We also used a coding app called Scratch, Jr. to code a creative story on the iPads. Mrs. Hartley taught the class how to make a story with characters, a setting and a problem and solution. Partners worked together to code dialogue and character actions. These will be shared with you when they are finished.

On Wednesday, we had an author visit with one of our ELL teachers, Mrs. Freeman. She has recently published a book titled One Good Thing About America and she taught the students about the lengthy process involved in publishing a book. Each of our 17 students role played an important part in this process and it was clear to see how much work goes into writing and publishing a book.

On Thursday, we took advantage of the beautiful weather and enjoyed a story walk outside. The class enjoyed this "active" read aloud of Catherine Falwell's Scoot very much!