Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Taking a Neighborhood Walk

Today, Mrs. Hartley (our fantastic technology teacher) and I took the class out for an adventure. We braved the snow and ice for a neighborhood walk. The purpose of this walk was to notice interesting things in our Skillin "neighborhood" and to take photos of them. This activity goes along with our Out of Eden learning program that we began in September. This program follows the journey of a man named Paul Salopek who walks across different parts of the world to notice and learn new things about the people, places, animals and food he encounters along the way. This was our version of his walk. We took the iPads with us and took photos as we walked. Mrs. Hartley taught the students how to upload their photos onto Google Drive. We will eventually post them on the Out of Eden website.

Here are some of the students' photos:

As you can see, the snow and bright blue sky made for some exceptionally interesting photographs. Children also noticed animal tracks and different types of plants - I think we have some future photographers in our classroom!

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