Thursday, October 20, 2016

Science Wrap-Up

We have wrapped up our science unit on Insects & Ecosystems. The students showed me their understanding of insect life cycles by using an iPad app called Pic Collage. They chose between the butterfly and ladybug life cycles and located pictures of each of the 4 stages to download and label. 
Students also flexed their creative muscles by designing their own insects. They had to design an insect that would help solve a problem. We had everything from a "Butterfree" (a combination of a butterfly and honeybee) to a "Meater Eater" and lots in between! They were thoughtful about the problems these insects would solve. Some would eat other harmful insects such as mosquitos and aphids to help protect humans and plants. Other insects helped to pollinate flowers. We will revisit some of these important concepts over the next few weeks as we welcome a couple of guest speakers to our school to teach us more about insects. 

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