Thursday, March 17, 2016

March 18th

Dear Families,
Your children have been working so hard during this exciting time of year! We celebrated the end of our polar animals unit with "Polar Night" last week. Thank you to all who attended... I know the second graders were thrilled to show off their hard work!

Our new learning goal in reading is to identify the author's purpose. Specifically, students are determining whether an author is trying to Persuade, Inform or Entertain the reader. We use the acronym P.I.E. to help us remember the three purposes. Students are expected to provide evidence that supports their determination.

We learned the "how-to" of writing friendly letters. Students learned about the parts of a friendly letter which include the date, greeting, body and closing. Students wrote friendly letters to the teacher and to one another. Next week, we will open the classroom "post office" so students can mail their letters. Here is a fun link you can access from home - your children can create and print their own friendly letters online.

We began a new math unit this week titled "How Many Tens? How Many Ones?" Students are working on adding and subtracting two-digit numbers. They must have a solid understanding of place value to be able to demonstrate proficiency with this target. If you show your child a two-digit number such as 57, he or she should be able to tell you that there are 5 tens and 7 ones. Furthermore, they should understand that the 5 represents 50 in this number. The students completed several story problems in which they had to write an equation, add or subtract two-digit numbers and explain their strategies in writing or pictures.

We began a new science unit this week on Insects & Ecosystems. We will explore the relationships between plants and animals within various ecosystems by looking at symbiosis and food chains. They will enjoy reading many nonfiction books and learning some fascinating new science words!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mrs. Bradstreet

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