Friday, February 12, 2016

Feb. 12th

Dear Families,

Your children are completely immersed in their polar animal research projects. After choosing an animal from the Arctic or Antarctica, they located important information about the animal's diet, habitat, appearance, enemies and more. They are using a variety of sources for their research including nonfiction texts, articles and online sources. They have begun writing their very own nonfiction texts (complete with text features) to showcase their learning. We have also begun a life cycle project on the iPads. As you can see, this is a very in-depth project that encompasses science, reading, writing and technology. We will continue this project into March and then we will celebrate with Polar Night on the evening of March 10th - please mark your calendars!

In math, the class has been busy with data. They are becoming very skilled in collecting, organizing and representing data using bar graphs and line plots. Furthermore, we can analyze those graphs to learn information. They have had lots of fun conducting their own surveys and creating their graphs!

I hope everyone has a healthy and relaxing vacation!

Mrs. Bradstreet

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