Friday, January 15, 2016

Jan. 15th

Reading Groups
All second grade readers began nonfiction this week. Our new essential learning target is: use text features to locate facts and information. Readers are exploring different text features including table of contents, photographs and captions, charts and graphs, maps, glossaries and more! Students practiced finding these features and telling what they learned. They are also learning how to gather and record information from these books which are important skills for conducting research. This will help them tremendously as we begin a research project on Polar Animals next week.

To complement our work in reading, students are beginning to write informative pieces. After listening to read alouds of nonfiction texts titled Koko's Kitten and Polar Lands, students recalled important and interesting facts and used these to write nonfiction pieces. This was a great introduction to nonfiction writing that will serve us well as we begin the Polar Animals unit. Students will be writing their own nonfiction books (complete with text features) on an animal of their choosing.

Our focus in math was practicing place value by grouping by tens and ones. Students showed how many tens and ones were in various two digit numbers by using connecting cubes and recording their strategies in their math books. As the year goes on, they will be expected to identify numbers in the hundreds, tens and ones place and show the values that each digit represents.

We explored Plus-10 combinations and they could see that adding ten to a number just increased the tens place digit by one while the ones digit stayed the same. This is a key pattern in building fluency with math facts. They cut out flash cards to keep in their desks for repeated practice.

At the end of the week, we began a new unit on collecting, organizing and showing data. The learning goal for this unit is for students to understand how to represent and interpret data in a line plot, picture graph or bar graph. We sorted the students into two groups based on a "rule" - for example, all students who were wearing a hood were in one group, while those not wearing a hood were in another group. Students generated ideas for showing this data using pictures and tally marks.

Social Studies
We spent much of the week reading biographies about Civil Rights leaders Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks and Ruby Bridges. Students conducted some of their own research on the website Pebble Go by reading informational passages and looking at photographs. We also viewed a shortened clip of Dr. King's famous "I Have a Dream" speech.

Garbage to Garden Assembly
We are excited to have begun a new composting initiative at Skillin. Students attended an assembly and a "how-to" on composting their food scraps at lunch. They are excited to be a part of this new program. We have already seen a significant decrease in the amount of trash generated at lunch!

Important Dates:

  • There is no school on Monday (1/18) as we celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. day.
  • Parent-teacher conferences are coming in the beginning of February... sign-up sheets will be sent home soon!

Thank you for reading,
Mrs. Bradstreet

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